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Personalizable 2-piece set of Statement scented candles with high gloss label in a noble glass jar and distinctive freshcut roses fragrance.

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The Blossom Boulevard „LOVE Collection“ impresses through scented candles, presenting loving messages with that certain something.

Style this 2-piece set of LO&VE candles according to your wishes by completing them with the names of your choice. The combination of the two parts result in the word “LOVE” joined by the two names you decorated the candles with.

The Statement candles in a noble glass jar don’t only unite quality and design, above all they also create a unique fragrance experience. In this way, the pleasant flowery fragrance of freshcut roses creates a relaxing atmosphere and aroma. Pure luxury for the senses!

In the course of production of all Blossom Boulevard scented candles, only exquisite ingredients and sustainable raw materials are being used. Because of the utilization from herbal wax components, all of our scented candles are both paraffin free and free of any animal extracts.

Each of our scented candles is covered by a elegant gift package and will be decorated with a color-coordinated Blossom Boulevard ribbon.


Size: 100 x 100 mm
Contents: 170g
Wick: 1x Cotton wick
Burning life: ca. 60h
Scent: Freshcut roses
Wickcolor: Ivory
Wax: Herbal wax mixture
Quality: Paraffin free, vegan
Production: „Made in Germany“


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